Objects City & Plybot

Hanger 75’s newest proposition, the Objects City App was designed and developed by Radical to support their premium 3D printer - Plybot. With over a thousand backers, Plybot’s Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign has been immensely successful after garnering immediate attention from tech-lovers. The silent 3D printer with its human-like arms is one of the most unique 3D printers in the market. Plybot is a premium 3D printer that is both affordable and easy to use. Following its initial launch and success amongst the US audience, Plybot will expand to Europe within a year. 

The Object City app is a 3D objects library designed to connect to Plybot via a Raspberry Pi and APIs to enable printing. Radical has designed and developed the app natively for iOS and Android. It aims to introduce 3D printing to beginners and provide enthusiasts with a new platform to engage with and become the 3D objects marketplace of choice. 

Objects City App

Objects City aspires to revolutionize the use of 3D printing in education and provide useful resources to both teachers and students. The app offers its user a one-click experience of exploring the world of 3D printing, offering users both free and paid downloadable objects along with an innovative offer of print and ship within 24 hours. 

The Objects City app offers a personalized user experience based on an individual user’s interests. The homepage allows users convenient access to not only the newest designs but also designs by their favourite creators along with trending designs. Users can seamlessly search for specific objects by categories and creators. To ensure that the app is beginner-friendly, each object is accompanied by a brief description, release history, instruction manual, filament suggestions, and the creator details.

With Radical’s support, the Objects City App is due to launch in late 2021. Radical will provide ongoing support and maintenance of the app to ensure its offerability at all times along with introducing new features for it to integrate with other printers.