London Stock Exchange

Radical has built a long-lasting relationship with the London Stock Exchange across design, development & digital marketing with the flagship project being the redesign of We have redesigned and restructured LSE’s website from UX, UI & SEO perspectives. The marketing team at Radical worked on the content strategy that helped understand the structure of the website, factors influencing the design, and the overall information architecture. 

To understand the performance of the existing website, Radical approached this project with an initial site audit that gave further information about the current content strategy, content clusters, and site structure. One of the main challenges identified in the audit was the lack of collective understanding of the website content, the structure, and its strategy. Radical conducted an in-depth analysis of the current website to identify user journeys through key metrics like page visits, engagement rate, and session lengths. Collaborative workshops with LSE staff helped Radical identify the business needs of LSE. Following a thorough market analysis that included analysis of various global stock exchange websites and data-heavy business sites, a detailed brief was created on including website features, functionalities, and user personas. 


Our team started exploring initial user journeys for the redesigned website using LSE’s updated brand guidelines. The website was built keeping in mind the diverse needs of its users that can range from an individual shareholder to a business user with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the stock market and finance.The content strategy involved categorising the content under various topic clusters and placement of content in a way that allows users to get all the key information at a glance on the homepage. For example, the ticker with the stock prices in LSE’s current homepage was introduced by Radical as a part of this new strategy. The existing content on the website was restructured and regrouped according to the new site architecture. 

Simultaneously, Radical worked on the UI designs that were based on the page types, key attributes, and relevancy. The new designs created were not just consistent with LSE’s brand guidelines, but cohesive with the rest of the website. Radical conducted exploratory sessions with LSE to identify key user journeys to focus on. In constant collaboration with LSE, Radical received timely feedbacks that were then actioned to create the best suitable user journey. The designs were then used as a basis for the redesign of the additional pages to achieve overall consistency across the website. 

Based on in-depth analysis by our team, Radical identified the additional pages to redesign and developed an action plan according to the priority of those pages in the site architecture. The working prototype created by Radical provided LSE stakeholders with an immersive user experience of the website on all platforms. Following the completion of the design phase, the assets were handed over to the internal development team at LSE along with a detailed UI guide. Our design team worked closely with LSE’s developers, providing constant support during the development of the final website. With the redesigned LSE website ready to launch, Radical’s design team conducted user testing to ensure all UI guidelines were met. In parallel to this, Radical developed a tailored content strategy targeting key users of the website.

Radical supported the final launch of the new website before ultimately handing it over to the internal team at LSE. The website and SEO strategy has been a huge success, leading to a 49.36% increase in users with 54.95% new users. Organic traffic increased by 91.79% and the number of new users increased by 108.43%. Traffic via all channels increased, especially organic and referral with branded search. The global traffic increased with the UK accounting for 68.37%, followed by the US and India.

Other than the flagship website, Radical has also worked with LSE’s other key business areas across various design and development projects. We have worked on an Issuer Services website that provides listed businesses with a range of services and benefits available to them from LSE, helping LSE engage with their business community. We have also worked on LSE Academy, a website showcasing the training and education offering available from LSE. It’s an online admissions platform to digitise processes for efficiency.