Brit Insurance

Brit Insurance approached Radical with the challenge to create a platform that allows easy access to the expertise, information, and availability of their Underwriters to the independent external Brokers ensuring continued business relationships. Radical approached this challenge by conducting workshops to gather an understanding of the dynamics of Brit’s employees. The aim of this project was to help Brokers easily communicate and utilise the knowledge of the Underwriters to gather more information about the required policies to acquire new clients. 

Our solution was to create an iOS and Android app that is available to any user. An initial workshop was conducted to gather feedback on the design and functionality of the app. It was then followed by a collaborative development process with Brit.

Brit Insurance App

Brit’s requirement for an iOS and Android .NET based application led us to use Microsoft’s Xamarin framework. This allowed for an equal split of native and platform-agnostic code to be used, greatly simplifying and speeding up the development process for a quicker turnaround time.  

The app allows external Brokers to easily navigate the various classes of Brit’s business offerings. Each business class on the app provides a brief overview and lists the team working within it. Users have easy access to the day-to-day availability and contact information of each member, along with a list of alternate team members to contact in case they are unavailable. 

The Brit app enhances the Underwriters’ efficiency by helping them engage with external Brokers and manage an ongoing relationship. The feature to add favourites and preferred business classes to the home screen allows users to quickly access the relevant information. 

Following the app’s launch in 2017, Radical has been providing Brit with ongoing support and maintenance ensuring that the app remains operable and updated at all times, eliminating any downtime for users. 

Brit Cyber Response App

Along with this project, Radical has also developed Brit’s Cyber Response App for both iOS and Android. The app was developed using React Native for Brit’s Cyber clients to easily report a breach or attack on their business and get immediate support. Following a collaborative design and development phase, Radical offers continued support and maintenance for this app as well. Radical enjoy a continued relationship with Brit across this and other projects.