Brit Cyber

At the beginning of 2020, Radical was approached by Brit to help attract Brokers by offering a digital solution that helps them conduct their business with Brit easily and efficiently. Brit’s existing relationship with external Brokers involved time-consuming paperwork along with a web portal that offered a poor user experience. This greatly affected the retention rate of these Brokers leading to lost business for Brit.

Radical was initially challenged to review Brit’s current web portal and conduct collaborative sessions with the Brokers to understand their experience and expectations. This formed the basis for the design and development of the new portal. Radical aimed to provide a new portal ensuring improved customer experience and increased retention rate.Our approach towards offering an innovative digital solution was to identify key design improvement opportunities in the existing portal. Radical’s in-depth review identified multiple design flaws, insufficient clarity in communication, absence of input validation, lack of call to action, and an overall poor user experience.

The design improvements made by Radical were based on an initial review of the portal. The aim was to make the site intuitive and easy to use, helping to achieve straight-through processing as much as possible. The design was scalable and standardised, ensuring that minimal work is required whenever a new product line is added in the future. With significant design and functionality improvement suggestions, Radical’s proposed solution was to build a bespoke digital portal that allows for complete customization according to Brit’s requirements.

Before initiating the development phase, collaborative workshops were conducted with the Brit team to understand their inputs regarding the design and functionality. Various options for communication, functionalities and branding designs were explored in each design phase to finalise the brand’s guidelines. Over the course of 6-8 weeks, the designs were refined and updated with constant feedback from Underwriters, Brokers, and the internal team at Brit. The final design was created with all of the required functionalities along with a development plan based on it.

Next, a 16-week agile delivery was planned out covering all the functionalities and design improvements. Blazor WebAssembly was employed for frontend development keeping in mind Brit’s need for the exclusive use of Microsoft technologies in all of their developments. Radical and the Brit team agreed upon an agile delivery consisting of eight fortnightly sprints spread over sixteen weeks. The collaborative nature of this project involved daily cross-team standup meetings and regular updates to address any problems that required attention. A fortnightly demo presentation on delivery and updates on progress helped Radical gather feedback for each phase. The joint effort and constant communication helped the timely delivery of the end product.

The final delivery was a portal that was simple and easy to use. A user can sign in with their Brit credentials that are connected to Brit’s internal user management system. The portal can be used to create new quotes or manage existing quotes in progress. Users can currently create new quotes for Brit’s Cyber, Privacy & Technology products with more room for more products to be added soon. The new portal allows users to complete various stages of a form with a new look and feel that is much more aligned to Brit’s brand guidelines. The new portal is time efficient and offers an improved user experience. Radical was able to offer a customised portal that helped Brokers find quotes for a new client and have an active insurance policy with Brit in under five minutes by just using this portal.

The previous time-consuming method of finding new quotes was replaced by this portal that helped Brokers make business decisions efficiently and quickly by providing a great online user experience. The new portal automated numerous processes for the Brokers and helped onboard new clients within a few minutes. The new portal connects to several APIs, making it even simpler and quicker for Brokers to use, one example being integration with the Duns & Bradstreet API to populate company information based on a simple company lookup. By filtering and selecting the location and the business, automatically populates the other fields based on the API saving the user’s time. The portal allows flexibility for users to manage the level of commission they earn from a policy.

It generates a list of several options from Brits with the details of the policies and within a few clicks, the Brokers can create a quote that can be offered to the client. Once a Broker makes the decision to accept the policy by just answering a few more questions, they can immediately have an active policy with Brit. The Brokers can manage their quotes in progress on the portal and complete them at a later date. The Renewals Due feature allows Brokers to keep track of the policy expiry dates of their existing clients. The Policy Services feature offers easy viewing and implementation of required changes to existing policies. The new portal serves as an all-in-one platform for Brokers to acquire new customers, create quotes, manage existing customers and revise policies swiftly.

Following the phase one launch of the Cyber, Privacy, and Technology portal, new Brit products will be added in phase two using the same design, development, and delivery method. Alongside other projects, Radical looks forward to a continued strong relationship with Brit.